Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Welcome on my NEW blog!

Totally doesn't look good, my blog, doesn't it? Well, I'm taking this class from SiSTV all about making your blog beautiful, fun and readable, so keep looking over the next days/weeks for improvements, like a new banner (personalized, please!), a beautiful background and... I don't know what else yet, the class just started yesterday :-)

Today's homework was making a post about what I want blogging to be for me. Ideally it would be a funny, goodlooking blog with lots of news, scrapbooking, stories about books, films, TVshows, gossip, politics (???) or anything else that crosses my mind, and then really ideally I would publish my blog as a book and make LOTS of money :-) One can dream! Although I doubt that in the current crisis period, people will spend their money on my blog book...
To look a little out of the ideal situation, I basically want this blog to be my communication to the world, whether that is to family and friends who are now 1100 km north from me (I moved!), my neighbour (who I haven't met yet!) or curious blog-spotters on the other side of the Atlantic. We'll move into a new home in 2 weeks time, what better way to share this but on a blog?!? Lots of pictures to share! When we move in, I'll finally get all my scrapstuff back (it's in storage) and I will have lots to show!! That's what my blog is for! The kids are growing up, which means a lot of funny, moving and happy anecdotes.

So, check back often!

A little update on Autumn in the South of France, love it! 26°C, blue sky (OK, a couple of clouds, little white ones) but chilly evenings and mornings. The funny thing is that the trees do think it is fall, and nature shows its beautiful colors everywhere, a lot of RED, bright red that I do have to take some pictures of! (silly me, don't take my camera to work!!) But despite natures colors, we still feel like in summer, which is kind of a strange feeling. But believe me, I'll get used to it! I'll end this post with a couple of pictures, one to show the beautiful blue sky, picture taken 8 days ago, and one showing the kids, as always :-)

Thanks for stopping by!


kim brimhall said...

Yay! love the post and those photos are gorgeous!!

hope you are having fun!


Carolyn said...

great start - can't wait to see what you'll do next!

Jan said...

Love your NEW blog Linda!
Great snapshots of the balloons and kids!