Saturday, 6 June 2009


Oh my, I just discovered that is really has been a LONG time since I blogged, shame on me! The beautiful weather makes that I spend a lot more time in the garden (doing nothing) then in the house scrapping or blogging. So basically since mid-april I only did 2 layouts! Which I'll show you now ;-)

Well, if the blogger would hurry up oploading my pictures that is.... slow internet connection! Grr.

This first is about my kids making a delicious cake with sand and water, the layout was made for a challenge on classyscrapper.
This second one shows my little Nagawika with his huge smile, this picture is photographically spoken quite bad but I LOVE it!
Well, even writing a little about scrap makes me feel like doing a layout! And as the weather is REALLY bad today (such a bugger for a Saturday, after a week of sunshine at work!!), I might actually go for it! More to come, soon I hope! Thanks for stopping by!