Sunday, 19 October 2008

We got our house!

Yesterday morning, we officially became owners of our house! Yay!!! I'm happy ;-)

In the end of the morning, we went to our house, to take a look at it in empty state, and it was quite OK, in good state! We met the former owners there so that they could explain the functioning of certain things, like the heating, and we had a little champagne to celebrate the event! The kids met our new neighbours who have a little girl (4 yo) and immediately made friends, and went to play. They are happy too! :-)

After lunch, Richard attacked the wall paper in the living room, because we decided to change that before our furniture arrives on Tuesday (yay!!!) and I went shopping for food and for curtain rails. Mission not entirely accomplished, but we are not in a hurry! Today Richard will return to the house and he can start putting the paper on, I am sooooo curious to know what it's gonna look like! Myself I will go to the house to take pictures, which I hope to publish here tonight! I took a couple yesterday, please note the blue sky :-D


Jan said...

You must be thrilled to finally move into your new home. Now you'll be able to unpack all your stuff and really make the house yours.

Please pm me your new addy.

Margo :-) said...

Hi Linda!!!
How wonderful to have your new home!!! Lots of fun and adventures coming up!!! It looks wonderful and looking forward to seeing more pictures as you make it your own! :-)

Nnairda's said...

It's a beautiful house! And for the children to make friends alreay...that's even more special!!