Thursday, 30 October 2008

Back online!

After being without an internet connection for some 10 days, due to the moving, I'm back! The last 10 days were exhausting! Kind of what I expected, knowing we had to unpack 150 boxes, put the furniture in place and live (=work, eat, clean) at the same time! But we did it, and although not everything is really finished, we are settled in! It's a great house, I love it! I tried to take a couple of pictures, but after the good weather we had since beginning september, autumn finally arrived and the light is BAD for pictures!

Let's start with the truck with our furniture and boxes, it was HUGE:

yep, 70m3 is a lot!

Next, two pictures to show the colors we chose for the living room. Don't mind the mess on the table, they come with moving in!! :

I had received a publicity from La Redoute with this color scheme for walls/curtains, so I copied them and ordered from their competition :-D I quite like the chocolate brown, cream/whitish walls with the anis-green curtains, I'll have to scrap these colors too ;-) I'll ask coordinating table cloths from the Pere Noel, to finish it!
The kids both have a room for themselves plus one room they share to play in. That room is a mess no matter what I do or say! So no pictures of that one for now ;-) Their bedrooms are finished furnishing but the decorating still has to be done, they have loads of little posters and images to put on their walls, but that is no priority! Just to give you an idea:

I don't thing it is really necessary which room belongs to which child!?

The kids are on holiday this week. Luckily Richard is still at home so I didn't have a problem for the daycare. This morning they left to visit the grand parents for 4 days, 4 looooong days (for me that is!) but I'm here because I have a job to go to. But well, I'll go for christmas!

I hope to be able to get quite some scrapping done, I have picked out some challenges I want to do, have a couple of pictures I want to scrap badly and I need to inaugurate my new scrap corner. I don't have pictures yet, but will publish these soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


Nnairda's said...

Love those chocolate walls with the green! A very nice house you have. And I can't believe how fast you have gotten settled. Great job!!


Pascallle said...

Sympa comme tout ton intérieur !!

Frederic said...


C'est l'ami Fredo.

Je vois que vous êtes bien installé.
J'espère qu'on se verra bientot lors des prochaines vacances l'année prochaine en tout cas.

On vous fait des gros bisous.