Monday, 13 October 2008

D-6, we're getting there!

Only 6 more days to go!! I just suddenly realised that i have loads to do for the move: change of address at the post office, cards with our new address for family and friends and change address at official things such as health insurance... Get a telephone number! :-O Didn't think of that one before!!! And soon after the telephone number, get internet!!! Sometimes I hear horror stories of people without a connexion for like 4 to 8 weeks, can you imagine that?!? I can't, I'm lost without Internet!!!

So yesterday I blogged about the beautiful weather here, to make things more true for readers, here are some pictures! They're not the best ever, but at least they show the blue sky, that's what the pictures are all about anyway!

Have a good Monday!


Jan said...

The sky is beautiful! Looks like a nice place to live.

Pascallle said...

tres joli !
un peu isolé quand meme :-)