Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's getting better already...

Even though the blog "look" is not perfect yet, there are some improvements, thanks to the wonderful lessons of Kimberly Brimhall from SisTV! I made the banner myself!!!! OK, not perfect yet, but I am proud :) I have tried to insert a nice background, but lost my columns in the process, so I gave up on that. I also still have to make my list of blog links to blogs that I like, I need to give category labels to my posts, I would like to make diaporama of my scrapbookpages that I like most (well, not gonna put the ugly ones here for everyone to see, am I?) etc. etc. etc. Enough to keep me busy for a while!

A slight problem *might* be that I'll probably be without an Internet connexion for a while. Moving houses means disconnect to the world! :O ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO AND WE'LL BE THE PROUD OWNERS OF A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!! We are soooo impatient! Alban mostly because he will finally be able to play with Buzz Lightyear, who's been in a box since the end of August, I know, aweful mistake in planning! Me because we will finally have ALL our stuff again, can't believe how much I miss my clothes, my furniture, my mugs :) and of course my scrap stuff! It's gonna be so much fun, but also so much work, to unpack the boxes and give everything its little place in our new home! Scooby won't know what's happening, moving again! But she'll get used to it and certainly won't be sorry to NEVER see our 8 neighbour cats again :)

I'll leave it to that today, I'll try to work some more on the blog this weekend. No new pictures of layouts to show at the moment :(

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renee said...

I seriously feel your pain about things being boxed up. We are relocating, and half our stuff is still in boxes. Not fun. But it will work out in the end. Have fun in your new house.