Friday, 23 January 2009


Oh I'm glad it's Friday. Even gladder (can you say that?) that it is Friday evening!! The week has been quite busy, so busy that I have not yet had a chance to post my latest layout, even though I finished it last Sunday!! Here it is, the title is Autumn Colors.
The title was actually meant to be in the right upper corner, but I cut the words out with my Craft Robot, got them through the Xyron X thing and then they were so incredibly sticky (I know that it is supposed to be, but it was actually annoying!!) and I tried my best to stick them on right (didn't do a great job) and at the end I noticed I took the wrong corner :-O Oh well, this will work too.
The weather is HORRIBLE here, it is raining raining! Richard just called, he picked up the children from school and is still not home, because the river fled and traffic is *hell*. Luckily for me I'm safe on my "mountain" - not very high but high enough to keep the water away!!
The two peas blog challenge for today is "what are your scrapping plans for this Weekend". Looks like a very easy one to answer, but it actually isn't because basically I scrap when I have a moment and that is not always to be foreseen. But I do hope to scrap!!
Have a good weekend all, and thanks for comments!


Dana said...

cute layout!

Rachel said...

I happen to like the title off to the side... some mistakes are just meant to be! The petite dear is so cute!
Enjoy your weekend and stealing a minute here and there to create, I will be doing the same thing!

Rachel said...

BTW- I started participating in the OLW challenge and already did week #44 since I saw it accidently posted, then they removed it right after!!! I thought I was going nuts :) Can't wait to see your LIVING LO!