Saturday, 24 January 2009


I am REALLY gonna try to blog more often! Really! The weather is pretty bad over here, rain, rain, rain, storm and rain. Oh, and did I mention Rain?!? It’s so annoying, I can’t wait for spring to start!

So, as we are pretty much confined to staying home, due to the weather. Which is totally fine by me, I really felt like scrapping today and decided to do a blog challenge. After going through the different challenges in my favourites folder, I decided for the scrapjack challenge, because that the current challenges, based on a photo wall from Kristina Contes, inspired me to scrap pictures of Naomi who had a friend over to play this last Wednesday.

The layout completely does NOT look like the a.m. photo wall, which is clean and stylish, but it is inspired from it!! The papers used are American Craft, a tiny little Hambly transparent and Love, Elsie. Besides that, I used paint and pens, and I believe that is all, no embellishments.

I also found some time to start on my ATC holder!!! I mean to make a full ATC holder for the year 2009, a little like the 365 days project (that most scrappers seem to know), but it will be just about the kids and not necessarily every day. Ok, it was supposed to be every day, but toward the 10th of January I have decided that that is not possible for me! ;-) So I meant to start this ATC project like a week into the new year (so that I'd have a couple of picture to start with), and I am already behind :-O So this morning I made the tab saying "January" and I printed out the photos, 9 on one 4x6" photosheet (that's why I couldn't start on the 1st!) , 18 in total (so far)! I'll show pictures once I have done like at least a week!

Thanks for looking and don't forget the comment! ;-)


Lorrie said...

What a cute lo! It's so bright and cheery.
Makes me wish for warmer weather!!

Rachel said...

Love the painting and the sunny delicious colors!!!!

Sherri S said...

Love the brightness of your LO! Rainy days; good for sleeping, crafting...reading. Not much else.
Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

Elisa P. said...

Merci pour ton com!et bravo pour ta version du jack de KC. Ici aussi il a fait mauvais toute la journée plus d'electricité!ps j'adore ta scraproom

Michelle said...

NICE page! I'm not quite that gifted in scrapping.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment saturday. Don't you just love comments?

I'm gonna look around.

Noelia said...

Love your take on KC's jack! Good luck with the ATC's, I've done them in the past and they're so much fun.

mandysea said...

Love your jack - its bright and fresh!!