Thursday, 8 October 2009

Just an ordinary Thursday... but happy anyway!

That means work, dinner and off to bed! :-) Nothing planned, yay! Autumn starts to kick in, after weeks of good weather, sunshine and over 25°, which is not usual for me in October, being from Holland, it started to rain today... My laundry was still outside. Not happy about that! Nothing makes me happier than laundry drying outside. Well, almost nothing :) A lot of things actually! Had a good day at work, two of my quotations sold immediately which doesn't happen every day, so that made me happy. Scrapping makes me happy, I have two layouts to show you that I made a couple of weeks ago but that I didn't publish on my blog yet. Might actually throw some scrapping in between dinner and off to bed!
This first layout shows Alban in the swimming pool. This happy face makes me very happy too! Patterned paper by Cherry Arte and Jellybean (the frogs!!). No title, but didn't need one this time!
This second layout is featuring Naomi. The colors were very much inspired by her clothing. This picture was taken on a happy day, we were visiting Rocamadour (layouts already shown in previous posts!) with our friends Loïc and Rachel and the kids. Naomi was just taking a break from walking on this picture, isn't she cute? I *think* the papers were from Jellybean too, but I'm not sure. Stamp from Magnolia.
Strangely enough, this little strip of white on black polkadot makes me happy!
Coming home and being welcomed back by little Bugger (the little red cat) makes me happy too! Last weekend I took some pictures of Buggy and Scooby fighting (they still don't get along, Buggy loves Scooby but Scooby does not like Buggy), I'll have to upload them to show you in a new post. I'll leave it to this for today, thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments!


Melonie said...

Love these new LO's Linda!!! Alban and Naomi are soooo cute. Love the frogs on the first LO!

miji said...

superbes ces 2 pages, de la couleur et du dynamisme, bravo biz.m.

bri said...

trop belle ta page 'diving'