Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Let's start with a layout!

We took this picture of the kids in front of our tree (barely visible!) for some of our christmas cards. Quality could have been better, but we were in a hurry!! :-) I made this quick layout with the picture, craft cardstock (I love that color!!), a lot of felt, a Autumn leaves stamp and the eternal prima flowers! I didn't give it a title, just a little journaling that this picture was used for some christmas cards!

In 2008, I had set the goal for myself to create 104 layouts, which is 2 per week ;-), but I got to 63 and will MAYBE be able to create one more, but not 41!!! I blame that on us moving houses and most of my stuff being in a box for 3 months! I'll set a more realistic goal next year, even though in 2007 I did make it to 104 layouts, I guess 1.5 per week, on average of course, will be OK. So that would be 78 (please correct me if I'm wrong!) layouts, and I also plan on making mini albums, as Richard offered me a bind-it-all for Christmas, a little machine that binds books made from just pieces of paper/cardboard etc.

I offered myself for Christmas a new camera, a DSLR or Reflex camera! Nikon D60 with 2 lenses. I have created a website for this: Linnao's Photography, which sounds quite professional but which is NOT, I'm an amateur trying to learn how to use the thing ;-) But that is a lot of fun. On Two Peas Photography , I not only find tons of useful information, but I also decided to do the POTD challenge, POTS meaning Photo (or Picture?) of the Day. So I'll try to keep up and post (at least) one picture each day on my blog! It will be fun to see the progress after a year! Or at least, so I hope :-)

Again on Two Peas, this time on the Scrapping board, I sometimes do the blog challenge, which for today is "why is creativity important?". Well, I can't say WHY creativity IS important, but I can say why it is important to me. I've only been creative since a couple of years (2 or 3) and it is important to me simply because I enjoy it and because I really like that when you're creative, or try to be ;-), you have a lasting reminder of it, something that not only you but also the people you know can enjoy.

I wish you all a happy new year, a nice celebration tomorrow night and please know that I am very happy with comments!!!


Janet said...

It's so pretty! I love the trim you used. It sets off the photo beautifully!

Bonne annee! :-)

Sarah said...

very pretty LO. love teh felt trees!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, I love it! Keep blogging!
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